All of my product designs begin life as original hand-cut paper collages.

I developed my way of making during a printmaking experimentation phase whilst studying at Winchester School of Art. I realised I loved the pure colours and textures produced when pressing a piece of paper down onto rolled out ink and then peeling it back up, leaving some of the ink on the piece of paper in my hand.

It's simple, but it produces beautiful block coloured pieces of paper, and I fall in love with the making process every time.

So that's where I started, and I now have folders full of different coloured textured papers that I cut up and use to make my illustrations. I transfer my paper collages to the computer by scanning them in. 

I then make any final adjustments and tidy up any bits I’m not quite happy with. I often experiment layering up different sections and shapes, finding my favourite composition and playing with the different elements on the page. 
My making process starts by hand, giving me complete creative control, and ends digitally, giving me complete flexibility as to what product my new illustration may become. 

Once my designs are complete, they are printed in the UK as a range of Greeting Cards, Coasters, Notebooks and Art Prints.